With the rise of digital marketing and branding, more businesses are investing in the fields of market research as a means to better understand their target audience.

This is especially crucial for businesses who have a highly competitive market, and this makes for a majority of sectors. In the ever-changing wave of trends, the need to continuously upgrade and improve your business to appeal to key audiences has been about one thing: branding.

If it is done right…

The key purpose here is to retain and attract loyal consumers. If you position your brand successfully, your consumers will be choosing your brand products or services over another. It is what your brand represents and how it is seen in the eyes of your consumers that concludes the success or failure of your branding strategy.

  1. Tread lightly.

Social media like Twitter calls for a good sense of humour to acquire a big following and number of retweets. It is especially important to only jump on a bandwagon that is relevant and tasteful. Humor is not universal, and if the wrong message is sent through your social media marketing efforts (i.e. insensitive content), it can backfire.

Tip: Understand where the line needs to be drawn, and think about how it relates to your business or brand.

  1. Context, context, context.

In a globally integrated world, brands communicate with their consumers from all over the world and using many languages. This works effectively for businesses whose products and services are made available worldwide.

It is not as easy as putting the copy through Google Translator and copying what comes out. The words may be exact but the context would be changed for most languages, and that can put your company in a bad light. Additionally, consider the different cultures and contexts in those cultures. For example, most products marketed in Africa displays pictures of their contents on the packaging. If baby products display pictures of babies, it could be confusing for the consumers.

Tip: It is better to have a professional translator or engage the services of a freelancer to do this for you. Also, do extensive research when marketing in foreign and local markets.

  1. Knowing your audience attracts your audience.

If you walk in a clothing retail store and see employees wearing their clothes, that is an example of good branding. Consumers are able to visualize themselves in the shoes of the employees wearing the brand’s clothes and this makes it easier for them to choose your brand over others.

Similarly, approach your consumers on your available channels. Know where they are, what channels they use, during which time of the day, these could essentially boost the engagement rates your brand has with your target audience.

It could also help in the consumer relationships, where your consumers are able to let out their concerns and dissatisfaction. Lend an ear to your consumers and offer opportunities for feedbacks.

Tip: Understand your consumer market and reach out to them using their channels.

  1. Adopt current digital trends.

The disruption of technology in a lot of industries have caused a major shift to the economic and social landscape. Companies who do not adapt to the current trends are most likely to be left behind, according to Forbes. “Change or be left behind,” the article says.

One important example is the banking industry. Banks have long debated the need to adopt technological solutions for their services, and are now leading the charge with faster transactions, payment methods and delivery channels.

Another point to note is understanding the strengths of digital marketing. Digital media have taken over print media and have taken millions of consumers under their wing, most of whom have chosen to consult social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter for their news consumption. To get where your consumers are, adopt a social media presence.

Tip: Neglecting digital trends can undermine your business marketing strategies, and further weaken existing customer relationships. Technological solutions can instead bring your business further and your brand ahead of the curve.

  1. Change the focus.

Gaining a better perspective into your consumers buying process can improve your marketing and branding efforts, and it helps consumers if your brand states outright its products or services. For consumers to consider you over a competitor, have something meaningful that relates to them.

Most companies are going into brand stories and the “hows” of their products. For example, people who are into organic skincare would pick a brand that publicly displays their beliefs towards organically-obtained ingredients, or have symbols on their packaging indicating such.

Tip: Focus your marketing efforts on what your brand believes in, instead of what it is.

Where do I begin?

Finding a brand consultant in Singapore for your company is a pivotal decision. Not only does a marketing and branding consultant require more than an entry-level of understanding of the type of industry you are in, as a branding and marketing agency, we analyse your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

In other words, branding and marketing agencies work up a full SWOT analysis of your business and identify strengths on which we can build your brand upon as well as improving on areas of weaknesses.

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