Ade Famo (previously known as NTS marketing) is a footwear company, selling orthopedic shoes to customers from all walks of life. After an array of store closure mainly due to the trauma of Covid-19, the brand was aware of their heavy reliance on offline stores and traditionally outdated marketing approach. Our team started the rebranding plan by designing a new marketing kit beginning with their brand name and logo. After a careful analysis of the brand’s current name within the competitive landscape, Tomorrow Grp strongly recommended a name change. The concept of “NTS Marketing” held no relation to a footwear company at all. The renaming process included in-depth research to uncover opportunities for differentiation and inspiration. After multiple rounds of refinements, the Ade Famo concept was hit upon. Following that were a website revamp, a comprehensive social media plan and an international expansion strategy set out to cater for the brand transformation and its long-term growth.


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