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Capacity Building is fundamentally about enhancing efficiency, often at the organizational level. The expression is sometimes used interchangeably with other expressions like organizational evolution, establishment building, and funding plus. It is both a verb (the action of boosting efficiency, often

About When it comes to boosting the productivity of your core business activities, the PSG grant aims to provide financial support in IT solutions, equipment and business automation. It also covers certain sectors, namely retail, F&B, logistics, precision engineering, construction and

The brand is the promise to the customer. This means that the brand communicates to customers what can be expected from the business’s services and products and in what way the business is different from its competitors. The brand can come from

There are a host of benefits that come with branding. Brands allow customer recognition of your company over other competitors. This is even the case when consumers are not entirely familiar with your company. A strong brand gives even better customer