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    Reasons why SMEs need GCP & CDG

    Capacity Building is fundamentally about enhancing efficiency, often at the organizational level. The expression is sometimes used interchangeably with other expressions like organizational evolution, establishment building, and funding plus....

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    Top 5 Marketing Trends 2018

      #5 Live Video It is nothing new, but it is growing and in demand over the years! People love watching the live video too and it gets them...

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    Why Marketing is important in businesses?

          You may have the greatest products, greatest services, greatest designs. But if you do not market the greatness, nobody will ever know off the shelf. Even...

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    The donts in Marketing

        1. The most important thing about your business and what you should NOT miss, is MARKETING it. If you do not market your business at all, nobody...

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    What lies beyond for Branding

      In this millennium, there is a trend shift towards social consciousness. This may be due to the inter-connectivity of what the growing influence of the Internet offers. Prices...

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    What’s a brand?

      What’s a brand? The brand is the promise to the customer. This means that the brand communicates to customers what can be expected from the business’s services and...

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    Why Branding?

      There are a host of benefits that come with branding. Brands allow customer recognition of your company over other competitors. This is even the case when consumers are...

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