Foreigners in Vietnam stay at home more than travel at the beginning of the New Year 2022

Hanoi- On December 30, the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports said that to ensure safety against the epidemic, the capital will not organize outdoor activities to welcome the new year 2022. Specifically, the city will not organize fireworks as well as cultural and art performances and countdown to welcome the new year as in previous years.

Countdown and fireworks activities in previous years were mostly held in the area around Sword Lake, in Hoan Kiem district (Hanoi). However, the leader of Hoan Kiem district said that following the direction of the City Party Committee and the Hanoi People’s Committee during the end of the New Year, at the same time, because the epidemic in Hoan Kiem district is at level 3, activities to welcome the new year 2022 in the area stops.

Jamie’s family decided to go to bed from 10pm on December 31st and this morning, they went jogging together at West Lake.

Due to the complicated development of Covid-19 and the cancellation of crowded activities, most foreigners in Vietnam choose to stay at home and celebrate the New Year simply, instead of traveling as they have done for many years.

Jamie Osnes Edwards, American, lives in Vietnam with her husband and 5 children. Due to the epidemic, Jamie’s family decided to stay home on New Year’s Eve, have dinner and play family games. “No different from a normal day, my wife and I have asked the children to go to bed at 10 pm,” she said.

Explaining the reason for going to bed early and not celebrating New Year’s Eve, Jamie said she wanted the whole family to rest at that moment. On the morning of the first day of the new year, Jamie’s husband got up early and waited for her to run with, the eldest son stayed at home to look after the children. Jamie ran 17.5 km and her husband ran 20.22 km to welcome the new year 2022. Family life is like an ordinary day, nothing special.

Hanoians exercise from the early morning after many days of social  distancing - Nhan Dan Online

Foreigners living and working in Hanoi also go out to breathe the fresh air of the early morning. (Photo: Minh Duy)

The New Year is an opportunity for Jamie’s family to reflect on the blessings they experience together in 2021 and set expectations for 2022. “We pray the grief caused by Covid-19 will give way to happiness and Vietnam will be back to normal soon,” Jamie said.

Sonya Firsova, from Russia, said: “This year is also good without fireworks. I have a puppy, and he is scared if he hears fireworks.” The new year for her is important to feel warm from within and focus on thinking positive things. Therefore, the city does not hold a countdown party or celebratory event, nor does it affect Sonya’s intentions too much.

On New Year’s Eve, she and her boyfriend cooked traditional dishes, watched Russian New Year-themed movies, and listened to Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulate him on the new year. In the first days of the year, she still went to work. “Because I’m a model and singer, I work when everyone is resting. That’s okay,” Sonya confided.

high-rise building near body of water during daytime

Ho Chi Minh City was the only place having countdown party on 31st December

Jonathan James Springer from the US also welcomes a new year with his family in the most peaceful way. “In the past, I celebrated this holiday very enthusiastically. But as I get older, my views have also changed, I am more interested in family time because I believe it is the most important aspect of the holiday.” He said. His family is staying in Hanoi at this time, will save the trip to Nha Trang, Phu Quoc after the Lunar New Year.

Eldrich Baluran, a Filipino, now living in Tay Ho, plans to go to Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) on the first days of the new year, but the plan is difficult to implement when friends are afraid to go far outside Hanoi due to the epidemic. He said that celebrating New Year’s Eve in Vietnam is not too bad, although the atmosphere is very different from his hometown. In the Philippines, New Year’s Eve is always lively when everyone in the family gets together to make the loudest noises by honking motorbikes or banging pots. “This year has been quiet, but because I celebrate New Year’s Eve with my loved ones, I don’t feel lonely,” Eldrich said.

Only a few foreigners decide to “move” this time. Adi van Zyl, from South Africa, spends New Year’s holiday in Phu Quoc because of the beautiful weather and overwhelming festive atmosphere. She said, the island city is vibrant, the local people are nice and friendly. New Year’s Day in Phu Quoc, Adi spends time to join parties and sunbathe on the beach. One of the most popular events on this pearl island is a music festival that lasts from December 31, 2021 to January 3, 2022.

green palm trees near beach umbrellas during daytime

Phu Quoc Island

According to the Hanoi Department of Tourism, during the three days of the 2022 New Year holiday (from January 1-3), tourists to Hanoi are mainly domestic tourists, estimated at 60,000 arrivals, down 49% compared to the previous year, same period in 2021.

On the first day of the New Year 2022, Hanoi welcomed the first international flight from Tokyo, Japan at Noi Bai airport, operated by Vietjet, with 143 passengers. The event took place in an exciting atmosphere, starting a new year, promising positive things for the tourism industry.



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