Moducase is a Singapore-based company that offers premium, bespoke collectible display solutions at a reasonable price in an approachable and socially responsible environment. Moducase, an official SideShow retailer, aspires to be an exceptional all-in-one service provider with a wide range of display solutions. Moving forward, Moducase acknowledged that, as a young company, it needed to increase its market presence by refining its branding and marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and solve any underlying concerns in order to revitalize the business.

During the research phase of this project, Tomorrow Grp assessed the brand and recommended ways to strengthen its weaknesses. One of which was to rebrand the company from Moducase to Moduspace to expand its product offerings to include interior design services. We also conducted a competitor analysis to discover strengths, weaknesses, and inconsistencies and to find opportunities for growth. With these insights, we designed a new brand identity and marketing strategy that complements the company’s strengths.


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