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We prioritize client satisfaction over everything else, and therefore strive to keep up constant communication with the client every step of the way. Our first step will be to meet with the client so as to familiarize ourselves with their background and brand image, and identify their needs and goals. Subsequently, we will conduct thorough market research on market trends and competitors, and strategically devise solutions that will combat specific issues faced by the client. From this discussion, a business proposal will be crafted and approved by both Tomorrow and the client before we proceed to the next step.

Referring to the solutions agreed upon by both parties in the business proposal, we will develop relevant ideas and concepts that will form the project’s scope. The nature of the scope will largely depend on the client’s needs, and can range from a revamp of the client’s brand identity to the building of an online presence. The employed style of marketing (traditional/digital) will be discussed with the client, and will be decided upon according to the client’s needs and goals.

With the key problems identified and solutions formulated, the client may choose whether they would like to apply for the Capability Development Grant (CDG Branding & Marketing Strategy). The grant covers up to 70 percent of large scale upgrading project costs in order to improve business capabilities. With consent from the client, Tomorrow will submit a detailed proposal consisting of the agreed upon project scope, its means of execution, and how it will meet the client’s needs and objectives. Up to S$100,000 can be claimed from the grant.

We will begin work on creating the client’s brand visuals in the areas that have been agreed upon. The client will be sent drafts for consideration, and at this stage any concerns regarding the visuals can be explored. All visuals will be kept consistent with the brand image discussed with the client, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that the brand has a distinctive tone and identity across all platforms that will set it apart from its competitors.