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Capability Development Grant

Today, SMEs are facing greater competition locally. The Singapore government recognises the need for SMEs to develop new capabilities in order to thrive and sustain in this challenging economy. The Capability and Development Grant (CDG) is an initiative by SPRING Singapore to help SMEs build their longer-term financial resilience and management capabilities in pace with the growth of their business. Qualifying companies working may obtain up to 70% funding support from SPRING Singapore for approved cost.

We offer the CDG Branding and Marketing Strategy to our clients as part of our devised holistic solutions. SMEs face huge resource constraints, which make it difficult to expand on products and improve staff performance. Working with Tomorrow Group, a CDG grant will enhance the potential of your company’s key financial drivers and enable a strategic business growth plan. Applying for CDG could enhance your company’s potential while saving costs. For example, expanding your company’s presence to online platforms or even setting up an e-commerce to grow new sales may increase revenue. This requires funds for staff training and product enhancement, among others.

If your company has limited resources, consider tapping on the CDG to drive your business to the next level. Whether you are looking to evaluate the current state of your business or prepare for the next stage of growth, our extensive expertise in business consultancy makes us well equipped to help through the CDG process and support your new ventures. As SPRING-certified consultants, we are more than qualified to assist you in the application procedure and get approval from SPRING Singapore.