Starke is a manufacturer and wholesaler of digital locks in Singapore. The company’s name comes from the German word for ‘strength’ to represent the durability of their locks. In the future, however, they would like to introduce our products to commercial offices, building development companies, and property managers as part of a Business-to-Business (B2B) strategy. As well as expanding its product lines, the company plans to target more B2C customers. As a result of their expansion plans, the brand felt that it was time to update their branding and improve their marketing efforts to ensure that their expansion plans would succeed.

Tomorrow Grp executed research, strategy and internal branding based project that developed internal alignment. We built an approach based on their expansion plans and guided them to utilise social media and efficiently deploy their resources to cater to the planned schedule. Ultimately, we matched them with some of our international partners, allowing them better accessibility when tapping into the global market.


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