1. The most important thing about your business and what you should NOT miss, is MARKETING it. If you do not market your business at all, nobody will ever know about you. It will take a very long time to get somewhere even if you have the best products. So, don’t avoid self-promotion as this is the very first step to success! “People aren’t going to learn about your great product

In this millennium, there is a trend shift towards social consciousness. This may be due to the inter-connectivity of what the growing influence of the Internet offers. Prices may begin to have more utilitarian value. The market may open itself greater to lower income groups. Due to growing social consciousness, consumers may feel that they are increasingly being over-saturated with products and services. As such, consumers may look towards focusing on quality instead

The brand is the promise to the customer. This means that the brand communicates to customers what can be expected from the business’s services and products and in what way the business is different from its competitors. The brand can come from what the business is, what the business wants to be and what people perceive the business to be. The main components of a brand include the company mission; products and services’

There are a host of benefits that come with branding. Brands allow customer recognition of your company over other competitors. This is even the case when consumers are not entirely familiar with your company. A strong brand gives even better customer recognition and memorability.   On top of that, brands can also be a market differentiator. This is a competitive edge when coupled with customer backing and recognition. Increased consumer want for the business