The donts in Marketing

1. The most important thing about your business and what you should NOT miss, is MARKETING it.

If you do not market your business at all, nobody will ever know about you. It will take a very long time to get somewhere even if you have the best products. So, don’t avoid self-promotion as this is the very first step to success! “People aren’t going to learn about your great product unless you tell them.”

2. Failing to identify your target audience.

Please study your audience first, and set a adequate target audience so that your marketing efforts can be passed across to the right people, generating the right leads to your business. Many fail to do so, and notice that there were no response for business and a lot of efforts has gone to waste.

3. Avoid using every (all) social media platform available.

Be selective. Choose the top 3 platforms where your targeted audiences are and focus on them. It is not easy to maintain all platforms so best is to stay focus and give all your strategy to the 3 platforms you have selected and worked hard on. Don’t try to blanket everything, because you will fall short in the end.

4. Always set aside a marketing budget for your business.

IF you do not, then 2 things may happen. 1st, you will realise that your business is not going up and then you got desperate and used up other funds which messed up your entire business plan. 2nd, since there is no budget, there will be no marketing, soon your business will just fail to take off. Both ways, you are running a risk of destroying it; more so especially if your business is a startup and have little to no market penetration.

5. Do not expect instant or huge result in no time!

It all takes a little time, and we will see measurable results in a relatively short time, yes. But we need to stay realistic about it to achieve the goals. With that said, do not give up so soon when you had just started.