The Well Bred store project started with a dream to bridge this gap in the streetwear scene. There wasn’t a proper store around that “speaks” to the demographic; everything before this was via online platforms and ‘fly-by-night’ stores. Well Bred hoped to be able to introduce, share and grow the scene here and around the region. Garnering a solid following, the brand aimed to a vibrant 360-shopping experience for the hypebeast and trendies. The brand’s demographic is composed primarily of digital natives, so their marketing strategies had to be tailored accordingly. Through the audit, we discovered that the best solution for the brand was to revamp its personification to shape the way people feel about its product, service, or mission. We stylized the logo as a san serif bold typeface, and the solid border has an outline representing Well Bred as a confident, capable, and strong brand. Using “whitespace”, the bunny is blended into the letters. We’ve also revamped their marketing strategy to better reach their local and overseas target audience.


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