What lies beyond for Branding

In this millennium, there is a trend shift towards social consciousness.

This may be due to the inter-connectivity of what the growing influence of the Internet offers.

Prices may begin to have more utilitarian value. The market may open itself greater to lower income groups.

Due to growing social consciousness, consumers may feel that they are increasingly being over-saturated with products and services. As such, consumers may look towards focusing on quality instead of quantity for products and services.

The disruption economy trend for integral inclusive growth for markets and even countries may be a result of growing social consciousness. These countries refer to both developing and developed countries.

Advancing innovation and capitalisation on advancing technologies regardless of company size has become a concern in many industries.

Economic specialisation, learning and mutual help communities may be more prevalent. Businesses may adapt by being more likely to include information for origin, maker intentions, environmental impact and production process in their packaging.

In a step further, packaging might be omitted and businesses may implement their signatures on products and services instead.

Brands could be distinguished through the company’s intrinsic product and service value.

In such a landscape, the business can reflect its developed and ever-developing product and service quality, design and durability through brand maintenance.

Additionally, business adaption can mirror the disrupting trends of this age to communicate difference making innovating efforts in products and services in its brand.

Such efforts can include brand messaging updates bringing out the agile aspects of the business; brand visual and verbal communication updates to convey the superior amount of market gap filled by the business as compared to competitors who fulfill customer wants and needs less successfully; brand tagline updates to inform consumers of the business’s difference making innovating perspective.

There are many ways of brand maintenance.

The business can maintain consistency of brand impression with continuing a high quality visual identity that reflects alignment of business vision, target audience, values and positioning in business landscapes.

The business can convey intent of viability through brand maintenance.

Monitoring online reputation, networking and community as well as social networks visibility expansion are ways of brand maintenance as well.

In order to expand community and social networks visibility expansion, the business can look into intrinsic value generation through media content contribution.

For a step further, businesses can tap into artificial intelligence to not only allow customers to come to their brands but also for brands to come to relevant customers as well.