What’s a brand?

The brand is the promise to the customer.

This means that the brand communicates to customers what can be expected from the business’s services and products and in what way the business is different from its competitors.

The brand can come from what the business is, what the business wants to be and what people perceive the business to be.

The main components of a brand include the company mission; products and services’ features and benefits; established perceptions of prospects and customers for the business; wanted qualities for prospects and customers to associate with the business.

How to go about finding out the brand components would be to learn current and prospective customers’ needs, desires and habits and know what these customers think.

A good guide for the brand would be to maintain a consistent message to a certain targeted audience and include the wants and needs of that targeted customers.

Since the logo is the brand’s foundation, the logo would be integrated in the business’s packaging, website and promotional materials to communicate the brand.

The next step would be to implement the brand strategy.

There are many components in a brand strategy. The components are mainly divided in what, where, to whom and how to communicate and deliver on brand messages; what is verbally and visually communicated; distribution channel. This goes in hand with brand messaging; brand integration; brand visual and verbal communication; brand tagline; brand marketing material standards and templates.

Just like the guide for the brand itself, a consistent brand strategy is ideal.

The consistency of a brand strategy can bring forth a strong brand equity that convinces customers to pay higher prices for the business’s products and services as compared to unbranded and identical products and services.

If a business needs help in branding and its brand strategy, they can leverage on advisory group expertise.